ShowWindow/Bill Watrous

Bill Watrous 『The Tiger Of San Pedro(Bill Watrous/Wounded Bird)』 で詳細を見る ¥ 29,145

出版元:Wounded Bird
発売日:2007-08-10  Music, B000RMJ5AW
Bill Watrous 『Manhattan Wildlife(Bill Watrous/Wounded Bird)』 で詳細を見る ¥ 41,889

出版元:Wounded Bird
発売日:2007-08-10  Music, B000RMJ5B6
Bill Watrous 『Space Available』 で詳細を見る ¥ 8,604

1. Space Available
2. The Road Goes Ever Onward
3. It'll Count If It Goes
4. My Foolish Heart
5. Mama Llama Samba
6. My Romance
7. I Got D'ZZZ's
8. Village Dance
出版元:Double Time Jazz
発売日:1997-08-26  Music, B000003NM1

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