ShowWindow/早川隆章, 三塚知貴, 橋本佳明 and 渡辺 亮

Chikako Hilao 『Jitta with Friends』 で詳細を見る

1. The Great City
2. Toot Toot Tootsy Goodbye
3. Route 66
4. Misty
5. Hey There!
6. Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding
7. Mack The Knife
8. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends
9. I Can’t Say Goodbye To You
10. There! I’ve Said It Again
11. On The Sunnyside Of The Streer
12. ’S Wonderful
13. Good Morning Heartache
14. Imagine
15. That’s Life
発売日:2003-06-16  Music, B000994UC6